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Volunteers, fighting crime, with code.

Who we are

Police Rewired are a community of volunteer professionals with an interest in policing technology, community safety, and fighting crime.

We build tools to make people safer.

We support and engage our members through a series of projects, hackathons, workshops and meet-ups. All our projects are open source and volunteer-led.

We connect independent developers with policing organisations, front-line policing staff, community groups, and partners with interests aligned with ours to help develop world class solutions.

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Recent meet-ups:

  • Hack the Police 4, 14-15th September, London
  • Emergency Recorder planning, 16th May, Discord
  • Burglary Victims Bot Project Meet, 12th March, London

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Our goals for meet-ups and projects in 2019...

  • Providing facilities and support to Police Rewired volunteers and their public safety projects.
  • Running events to promote ideation and prototyping of new tools in public safety.
  • Building relationships with police forces and policing bodies, and outreach into civic tech and volunteer developer groups.

Our core project for 2019 is the Emergency Recorder...

  • The app is ready, and we're moving into testing.
  • We'll be running a second wave of testing towards the end of 2019.
  • If you have an Android phone, join the testing team to give us your first-hand feedback!

Hack the Police 4 took place, 14-15 September...

If you'd like to contribute to any of our crime-fighting public safety projects, join our community to hear more about them - or check out the projects page to see if you'd like to volunteer your skills.


For a flavour of our events from 2018, view our 2018 Q4 term card!

November 2018: Projects meet

On November 6th we held our first meet-up at Newspeak House to kick off some exciting new projects. We welcome software developers, designers, and creative problem-solvers.

If you're interested in joining a project, or if you'd like to pitch an idea to other developers, join our community.

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December 2018: Hack the Police 3

Hack the Police 3, the original policing hackathon, took place in two locations during December 2018. Police Rewired worked in partnership with CSCV to deliver the Lincoln event, and led the London event. If you love hackathons and you want to do something exciting and worthwhile, keep an eye out for future events.

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August 2013: Hack the Police

In 2013, Officers from the Commissioner's 100, a change group within the Metropolitan Police, held the first policing hackathon and named it Hack the Police.

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December 2017: Hack the Police 2

Only 4 years later, Hack the Police returned, this time in collaboration with the Forensic Psychology Unit at Goldsmiths.

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April 2018: Software self-defence 101

Police Rewired hosted a short talk from Glyn Wintle, cyber security professional and outspoken advocate of best practices. Glyn shared tools and tips for designing security into software; and told a few horror stories everybody should hear...

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