COVID-19 volunteer groups

Community policing dashboard

Safer Neighbourhoods Teams and Ward Officers

Our goal is to quickly connect you with volunteer groups operating in your area, so that you can build relationships with those volunteers, be aware of their safety concerns, and contribute to the wellbeing of the vulnerable people in your neighbourhood.

How to use this dashboard

  • Select your force area from the drop-down (top right).
  • You will be taken to a zoomed view of your force.
  • Double click on a spot to zoom in to it.
  • Zoom further to see individual pins on the map.
  • Click a pin to learn about a community or visit its site.

Some groups are clustered because they share a broad location (eg. a borough, or town). You can view each of the communities there by choosing Browse Features.

This dashboard was created using data imported from several sources, and hosted at ArcGIS Online from ESRI.

Supporting data

COVID-19 UK volunteer support communities (v2)

full page data sheet, or download as CSV