MISSING was prototyped at Hack the Police 4 Sep 2019, and subsequently presented at the showcase in New Scotland Yard, Nov 2019.

To reach out to Mildred, Nkosi, James and Christina about their work, please contact: team@policerewired.org

Applying machine learning to find missing people

Mildred, Nkosi, James, Christina

“Saving time and effort when investigating missing people can be the difference between a safe or dangerous outcome. I was glad to support this project, as it illustrates new thinking about keeping people safe so well.”

-- Fahad Halling, MPS

The MISSING team tackled an interesting problem: using the information already collected by police officers to make predictions about where a missing person might be. This can optimise the search, so reducing the risk of harm, and saving police time spent locating and returning them to a place of safety.