Hack the Police 4


Detect the undetected!

Detectives, police officers, and scene of crime investigators joined developers, designers, data scientists, students and academics at our annual crime, policing and public safety hackathon...

“As the innovation and knowledge sharing manager for the College, I’ve been visiting forces and running ground-up innovation events. It’s great to see people from the civic tech community bring their energy and skills to the mix - and some of the prototypes I saw were dazzling!”

-- Rob Flanagan, College of Policing

Hack the Police 4 took place over the weekend of September 14-15 a the Computacenter offices in London.

This year our theme was investigation, from crime scene to case file - and we saw some superb and brilliant new ideas presented.

Over 50 participants joined us for a weekend of fun and innovation, solving problems alongside serving police professionals!

You can see the ideas we shared from the policing community in our ideation gallery, see the data sources we were able to provide to our participants, and find out about every project and the prize-winners in our report:


On 25th November 2019, we brought 6 winning teams from Hack the Police 4 to New Scotland Yard to present their work to a room full of police officers and staff with expertise in investigation. Each team were offered advice and support from the audience...

“Computacenter recognise the value that innovation and new ways of working can bring to public safety. We are an Employer Supported Policing company, and several of our staff that serve as special constables were also able to support the hackathon all weekend. We are really proud to have been able to donate our space to this event and contribute to the great work and output from all involved.”

-- James Searle, Computacenter

“Representing the Open Rights Group, I was glad that the teams had an opportunity to offer some input on the ethics around policing and technology. It’s so important that there are opportunities for these issues to be discussed publicly. The projects I saw approached difficult problems with respect and consideration for the most vulnerable in society, and that made my job easy!”

-- Harry Metcalfe

Credit for Hack the Police 4 poster: HappyToast