COVID-19 volunteer groups

An open data set of local mutual aid communities, supporting those in isolation.

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Add your group to the map

The easiest way is to register your group with COVID Mutual Aid

We collate our data from several different data sources on a 48h cycle, and your group will appear on the map after this synchronisation.

You can update your group information by resubmitting to COVID Mutual Aid. The changes will be passed through to our sheet - where we'll deduplicate and update your previous entry with the new information.

Alternatively, if you'd like some help, email us directly and we'll find a way to add you:

All of our data is open - and you are welcome to access it or use it for your own tools.

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Data sources

You can review or download our data below - it's all open.

We draw from the following sources:

Supporting data

COVID-19 UK volunteer support communities (v2)

full page data sheet, or download as CSV

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Credit for illustrations: Lukasz Adam