Commissioner's 100

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What is the C100?

The C100 was a movement of frontline officers and staff, started in May 2012, who refused to believe "the job is f****d". They wanted to improve the Met from the bottom up rather than just the top down.

What was the C100 trying to achieve?

  1. To get as many people as possible to change their outlook from this:

to this:

2. To act as a licensed insurgency (licensed by the Commissioner) to shake up the Met, to step change the ambition of what was possible, and to harness the enthusiasm and experience of the front line to make the Met a better place.

Failing forwards...

C100 Failing Forwards (50Mb).mp4

What are the rules of the C100?

There’s no more money and there’s no more people. However, this is not an excuse not to improve things. There is actually a huge amount that can still be done much better even with less money/people.

This is not about self-interest or peacocking. If you are here because you think it will improve your pension situation or get you promoted, then this isn’t for you. This is about the public interest and making improvements to policing. Everyone in the room is equal, and so it’s no rank and first name terms.

This is about practical action, not strategic "blah" or general sweeping statements of the problems or solutions (all of which are some variant of more leadership, better communication, less silo working) – but actually specifics, the specific actions that we can take.

This is about taking personal risks. Ultimately we are going to make things better, faster, if we personally take the initiative to try and change things and set the example about how that could be done.

So the C100 is not just about giving the Commissioner a shopping list of ideas or actions. It’s also about working out how we can ourselves make those ideas happen.

What is a movement?

Who are the C100?

We started with 15 brave front-line officers and staff.

Then they each thought of 2 people they knew with amazing can-do spirit, but who were totally opposite to them in every other way (service, background, passions etc.) and got them involved. Then we were 50.

Then we got those 50 to all think of 1 person again, with the same spirit but totally different experience – that’s how we got to 100.

After we’d got to 100 and run 3 events – we let anyone who wanted to come along, and encouraged people to keep nominating new can-do people.

We aim for an 80/20 mix mix in the room:

  • 80% C100 stalwarts, 20% C100 first timers

  • 80% police officers, 20% police staff

  • 80% sergeant and PC, 20% senior leaders

  • 80% Operational front-liners, 20% central supporters