Police data Rewired

A Police Rewired community for those of us who love analysing, visualising, and playing with data around crime and security

We know that improving public safety isn't all about product prototypes and cool ideas - it's also about having the data and knowledge to know when, where, and how crime happens.

Thanks to open data initiatives such as data.police.uk, the UK Data Service and the London Data Store, we can all contribute to helping improve the safety of our community.

We're looking to build a thriving community of data-scientists, analysts, enthusiastic amateurs and keen hobbyists who share a love for data and want to share knowledge and build cool data stuff. If you think that's you, get involved!

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If you'd be interesting in helping build our community, run a project, act as a moderator or show off your work, we'd love to hear from you!

Get in touch at team@policerewired.org

What do you want from the Police data Rewired community? Here's what we're hoping to build in the coming months...

  • A vibrant community on our Discord channel: #data
  • A regular newsletter, highlighting exciting new developments in the world of crime and safety data
  • Real world meet-ups giving us the chance to show off exciting work, share cool ideas, and drink beer