Projects meet

6 November 2018

Newspeak House, London

We have a problem.

Over the last decade, the police, tasked with ensuring our safety, have been so severely defunded that they are unable to help every person, or respond to every crime report. The numbers don’t lie. Over the last 8 years, police funding dropped by 19%, resulting in 20,000 fewer police officers and significantly reduced resources to tackle, investigate and prevent crime.

You can help!

We can't magically restore the policing budget, but we can help the remaining officers leverage their police skills by providing the tools and technologies they need to be effective.

Police officers want to help people!

While innovation within the police has historically been slow, technology could help overcome a number of obstacles.

That’s where you come in.

On 6th November we held our first meet-up at Newspeak House to start building tools for police officers!

We welcome software developers, designers and anyone with ideas, critical thinking and problem-solving skills to help out.

During the evening, participants were invited to:

  • ... pitch their public safety and crime fighting project ideas.
  • ... join teams to work on exciting new projects.

If you missed us in November 2018, but you’d like to get involved in a project, join our community to hear more.