2019 Projects

In November 2018, we held our first projects meet - to pitch, plan and discuss ideas to take forward public safety projects. Several projects emerged from that evening, and each is being developed by volunteers with a passion for the problem they'd like to solve.

If you'd like to be involved, just drop us an email or come to a meet-up!

Join us to help design and build a system that can make effortless referrals for people caught in the cycle of crime.

There are charities and agencies that can reach out and make a difference to the lives of people the police meet every day - but never enough time for first responders to put them through to people who need them the most.

We want to create an effortless way to identify and make the perfect referral.

We've got access to CharityBase, an online database of all 168,000 charities in the UK. Our goal is to develop a searchable Human Services layer and an easy-to-use tool for police officers.

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In 2017 there were 664,000 burglaries across the UK, and it affected 2 in every 100 households. It's reported that 95% of burglaries go unsolved.

It's frightening for victims, and a huge drain on police resources.

Join us as we build a conversational tool to support the victims. We want to give them control over their own investigation, and save hours of police time as we do.

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Time is short, and you've got a master criminal to uncover! It's time to roll up your sleeves and solve create a mystery...

We're designing a popup game that will bring the realities of the Best Job In The World™ into focus, and capture the imaginations of our players...

If you've got a bright idea for a puzzle or a game based around the challenges and rewards of modern policing, we'd love to hear from you!

We'll be working on the ideas for this project and building some of the games and puzzles together over 2019.

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999 calls are stressful, and having the presence of mind to give the emergency services what they need is really tough.

The Emergency Recorder Toolkit detects outgoing emergency calls on Android phones, and initiates a camera immediately to capture what's going on around you.

It also looks up the nearest address to you, and the closest What3Words to your location - so you can give precise (and easily pronounceable) information about your whereabouts on the call.

After the recording is finished, you can choose to share your recording and photos to the police.

Join us to help complete and publish this essential tool.

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If you'd like to contribute to any of our projects, or you've an idea for a project you'd like to take forward in policing, public safety and crime fighting, we'd love to hear from you at team@policerewired.org, or to meet you in person.

We'll support you through the process. We will put you in contact with police officers, volunteering their time to help you shape your project around real business needs. We will identify security professionals who can help you design out vulnerabilities. We will link your project to police forces for a trial. We can help you reach sponsors to keep your servers running!

Your work remains your own. We'd love to be a part of your success, and help you as you make the world a better place - but we're not here to exploit you! Police Rewired couldn't succeed in our mission without volunteers like you, who want to build new tools and find new ways to make people safe.

Credit for Hack the Police 3 poster: HappyToastCredit for illustrations: Lukasz Adam