How do I build a 100?

It is totally possible to franchise the Commissioner’s 100’s (or whatever you want to call it – we are not precious…) and build one in your own OCU, organisation, team, family etc.

Equally, loads of boroughs have these forums in lots of different guises – some of them often dormant. Why not seize yours and sort it out?

Everything we’ve created we’ve uploaded for you to pick and choose depending on what you like, or what might work for you.

Is is really possible? Yep – brave frontline officers in NI, STC, YR, QA, MG, KG, JC, GD, EK, CW and CO20 have all had a crack at it.

Is it easy? No – of course not. But it’s definitely worth a shot – even if just because hanging out with other people who are can-do and want to make a difference is one of the greatest motivators and anti-depressants around.

Action card


C100 - franchising to OCUs


1-sider template


Example project plan for events


Senior sponsor briefing