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Hack the Police

A hackathon is an invention marathon. It's often a competitive event, held over 1 or 2 days. During the event, participants compete to design and prototype a solution to a problem, guided by the theme of the event and a number of prize categories.

The annual Police Rewired hackathon is Hack the Police - a fun, welcoming event, open to anyone with an eye for problem solving. Our events are:

  • Open to anyone; aimed at developers, designers, data-scientists, students, academics.

  • Competitive and friendly; offering prizes for innovation, guidance and support.

  • Supported by police officers and police tech experts; volunteering their own time.

  • Funded through sponsorship; FREE to attend and participate.

Most recently:

  • Sep-Oct 2020: We held Hack Hate, an online, 3-week, data-driven hackathon against hate crime.

Hack the Police

Where it all began, demonstrating the power of new service development in 2013.

Hack the Police 2

In collaboration with the Goldmsiths Forensic Psychology Unit, supporting their work to develop prototypes for the Self-Administered Interview.

Hack the Police 3

Themed around protecting the most vulnerable in society.

Supported by Lincolnshire Police and the Metropolitan Police in London.

Hack the Police 4

Detect the undetected!

...from crime scene to case file...

Our investigation themed hackathon, held in September 2019 with support from the Metropolitan Police in London.

Hack Hate 2020

In 2020, we collaborated with the Metropolitan Police, and a number of agencies across the UK working to help communities affected by hate crime to deliver Hack Hate as an online, data-driven, 3-week hackathon.