COVID-19 volunteering

These pages are preserved from early 2020, at the height of the first COVID-19 wave. At this time, Police Rewired refocussed toward projects aimed at helping those in need.

Volunteer your skills

Emergency services are stretched... but as the coronavirus situation develops, so has the volunteer response.

Thousands of local volunteer communities have sprung up - offering to help those in isolation with the things they need:

  • There are now well over 3000 local mutual aid groups to support those isolation in the UK. We have built the Support Communities Map to help those in isolation to find the support they need.

  • New projects are forming each day to alleviate the situation - and you can help.

  • Consult the Coronavirus Tech Handbook for a full view of the crowd-sourced response - from both volunteers and professionals, managed by fellows at The London College of Political Technologists.

  • You can contribute:

    • Inside the handbook are pages for each aspect of response to the situation.

    • Each page has information and projects - many of which could benefit from your input.

    • On each page is a WhatsApp group, and in each a community has formed.

    • Talk to the people involved and contribute your expertise or energy to help solve the problems we all face!

Contribute your tech skills

If you'd like to connect with the response community, check out the Coronavirus Tech Handbook, from the London College of Political Technologists. It's a busy hub of activity - being used by professionals and volunteers alike to build consensus, share knowledge and best practise and seed new projects.

Police Rewired projects

Volunteer in your area

Our communities map is a great place to start. We collate information from a number of sources to build the most comprehensive map of mutual aid communities across the UK.

This flowchart brings together many of the available resources for volunteer groups wishing to help those in isolation. Click for an interactive version...

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