Volunteer Police Cadets communication tool


VPC Connect is the complimentary app to the Marshall Volunteer Portal (used by the Volunteer Police Cadets), allowing the distribution of real-time notifications to cadets.

Use it to:

Get the app

The app is published by Front-Line Tech Ltd for Android and iOS:

To receive notifications or access portal pages you will need an account for the Marshall Volunteer Portal, administered by the Volunteer Police Cadets.


Please use our feedback form to let us know about any issues, feature suggestions, or other comments you have.

Looking for a project?

VPC Connect is an open source project, maintained by volunteers.

It's developed in C#, and built on the MAUI framework as a cross-platform app for Android and iOS. If you'd like to contribute, reach out to Police Rewired directly, or through your local cadet leadership.

Privacy Policy

VPC Connect privacy policy (public)

End User License Agreement

VPC Connect EULA

How does it work?


The portal distributes notifications to Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM), which either transmits them directly to Android devices, or through the Apple Push Notifications Service (APNS) to iOS devices.

News feeds

The app retrieves national and local news feeds through the portal and the Volunteer Police Cadets Twitter accounts.

Volunteers helping volunteers

The VPC Connect app is built by volunteers from Police Rewired, in collaboration with the Volunteer Police Cadets service, and S8080.

Police Rewired is an organisation for volunteer professionals, working on projects in public safety and policing.