Hack the Police 3

The crime-fighting hackathon

Hack the Police 3, the original policing hackathon, took place in two locations during December 2018.

Police Rewired led the London event at Computacenter HQ in Blackfriars, and worked in partnership with CSCV to deliver the Lincoln event at Lincs Police HQ.

The event was conceived and led entirely by volunteers from a wide range of backgrounds including policing, software development, volunteerism and the charity sector.


✅ Hold two events where communities, and developers who have never encountered police before can meet police officers and solve problems together with them.

✅ Develop innovative, presentable, solutions to policing problems that could practically be implemented.

✅ Build relationships between Police Rewired, CSCV, researchers, and police bodies who could potentially trial and support these new technologies - to impact and increase their capabilities.

✅ Have tremendous fun and create a buzz about policing, crime fighting and innovation!

Key points

✅ Held across 2 locations: Lincoln and London.

✅ 16 wide-ranging and creative projects.

✅ Working prototypes including:

    • community ANPR,
    • virtual reality investigation review,
    • machine learning to summarise crime reports, and
    • machine learning for crime-scene blood-spatter analysis.

✅ London welcome from AC Sir Stephen House.

✅ Lincoln welcomes from ACCs Kerrin Wilson and Richard Berry.

✅ London judging panel:

    • PCC Katy Bourne (Sussex and lead for IT)
    • CI Grace Blake-Turner (Police Now and MPS)
    • Dr Laura Knight (IPSCJ)
    • Charlene-Elise Anderson (Amazon Web Services)
    • Sean McGee & Simon Ingle (ESRI)

✅ Lincoln judging panel:

    • DCC Craig Naylor (Lincolnshire Police)
    • DI Jo Reeves (Lincolnshire Police)
    • Greg Stevenson (Lincolnshire Police)
    • Chris Gardiner (ESRI)
    • Scott Dunn (G4S)

✅ Interest from policing bodies to progress these innovations.

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Hack the Police would not have been possible without our policing supporters...

Sponsorship in London

Sponsorship in Lincoln

Credit for Hack the Police 3 poster: HappyToast